Environmental impact assessment 

An environmental impact assessment is mandatory when planning any offshore wind farm facilities. In the course of the environmental impact assessment, comprehensive studies are carried out to identify the possible impact of the wind farm on wildlife, as well as human health, well-being, and property. In the course of the studies, information is collected and analysed, for example, about feeding areas, migration corridors, and the migration routes of fish, birds, and bats. The study of the seabed biota is carried out and the socio-economic aspects associated with the construction of a wind farm are evaluated, etc. The results of the studies are an important input for decisions, such as where, how many, and whether or not wind turbines can be built. 

The environmental impact assessment program is prepared by the environmental consulting company Roheplaan OÜ in cooperation with Hendrikson & Ko OÜ. Several leading experts in the field, both from Estonia and abroad, have been involved in the preparation of the EIA program. The lead EIA expert is licensed EIA expert Riin Kutsar (EIA license No. KMH0131)

The study  Performer               The period of the study     
Visual impact WSP Global Inc 2022-2024
Impact on seabed habitats and biota. Study of the artificial substrate colonisation test  University of Tartu, Estonian Maritime Institute  2022-2023
Impact on seawater quality  University of Tartu, Estonian Maritime Institute  2022-2023
Impact on birds  Estonian Ornithological Society and Workboats Consulting 2022-2023
Impact on fisheries  University of Tartu, Estonian Maritime Institute  2022-2024
Impact on bats  Elustik OÜ 2022-2023
Impact on marine mammals (seals)  MTÜ Pro Mare 2023-2024
Impact on navigation systems, shipping, and maritime safety  TalTech 2023-2024
Impact on hydrodynamics (including currents) and waves, and risks related to icing and the dispersion of suspended solids  TalTech, Department of Marine Systems 2023-2024
Impact on cultural heritage (underwater archaeology) Ivar Treffner 2023-2024
Socio-economic impact  Finantsakadeemia OÜ,
Kantar Emor
December 2021
Initiation of the EIA - decision No. 1-7/21-521 by TTJA on December 23, 2021
February – April 2022
Preparation of the EIA program
May – June 2022
Collecting opinions of relevant institutions regarding the EIA program
July 2022
Additions to the EIA program
September – October 2022
Public display of the EIA program (including cross-border display in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Sweden) and discussions
November 2022
Additions to the EIA program
December 2022
Approval of the EIA program
2022 - 2024
Preparing the EIA report and conducting studies